I love making music, but it can sometimes be a pain in the arse. Why? Well, producing a tune often takes a long time to go from the start to completion, it involves listening to the same thing hundreds of times to perfect it and then after all that, I sometimes end up with music I don’t event like!

Sometimes it’s fun to just listen to great music. I love to chat and learn about the many wonderful artists and music makers who are out there and have blazed the trail for soulful music. That’s why me and my mate Karl Benton kicked of The Groovadelica Podcast in 2017. We’ve had loads of fun talking about & playing everything from Earth Wind & Fire to the history of UK Soul music to the legendary band Loose Ends. The podcast is going from strength to strength (with a new episode about once a month) with listeners from all over the world. Most episodes contain music and some focus on interviews with no music.

This episode features an interview with  British / Nigerian rapper & music producer Ty. He dropped by to talk about his musical history, Hip-Hop, record collecting, sampling, colonialism’s influence on the music industry and much more.

Ty has been releasing thought provoking, intricate albums since the early 2000’s, had a Mercury Music Prize nomination for his album “Upwards”, worked with De La Soul, master drummer Tony Allen and many more artists and he continues to tour and create great music, with his latest album being “A Work Of Heart”

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