Me and the family moved to London from New Zealand about 6 months ago. The most common thing Londoners say to me when I tell them I’ve been living in New Zealand for the last 14 years is “Why did you come here??” and then they tell me things like New Zealand is beautiful & quiet and London is a  noisy pain in the arse. Well, yep London can be a pain (traffic, high cost of renting, no beaches) but when it comes to going for some musical inspiration, catching up with old mates or finding Soulful music in unexpected places, then London comes out tops! One such  Soulful place is The Hideaway –  a live venue that’s just round the corner from where I live in Streatham. Featuring performing artists Like, Don E, Incognito, Omar, Jocelyn Brown-  Oh my days! I’m gonna be like a kid in a candy store going to this place…

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